AAP Staff

Executive Office

Maria A. Pallante, President and Chief Executive Officer

Syreeta N. Swann, Special Assistant & Program Analyst
sswann@publishers.org, 202-220-4545

Senior Management

Allan R. Adler, General Counsel & Vice President, Government Affairs
adler@publishers.org, 202-220-4544

David Anderson, Executive Director, Higher Education
danderson@publishers.org, 202-220-4556

Jay Diskey, Executive Director, PreK-12 Learning Group
jdiskey@publishers.org, 202-220-4549

Susan Fletcher, Senior Director, PreK-12 Learning Group
sfletcher@publishers.org, 202-220-4550

Susanna Hinds, Vice President, Communications
shinds@publishers.org, 202-220-4552

Tina Jordan, Vice President, Trade Publishing
tjordan@publishers.org, 212-255-0275

Gail Kump, Director, Membership Marketing
gkump@publishers.org, 212-255-1041

Jo-Ann McDevitt, Strategic Partnerships Executive, PreK-12 Learning Group
jmcdevitt@publishers.org, 202-220-4550

Karen McInnis, Executive Director, Finance and Administration
kmcinnis@publishers.org, 212-255-1248

Judith Platt, Director, Free Expression Advocacy
jplatt@publishers.org, 202-220-4551

Lui Simpson, Executive Director, International Copyright Enforcement and Trade Policy

John Tagler, Vice President and Executive Director, Professional and Scholarly Publishing
jtagler@publishers.org, 212-255-1407


DC Office

Marisa Bluestone, Director, Communications 
mbluestone@publishers.org, 202-220-4558

Rachel Burgos, Administrative/Marketing Associate, PreK-12 Learning Group
rburgos@publishers.org, 202-220-4550

Sofia Castillo, Staff Attorney
scastillo@publishers.org, 202-220-4557

Allyson Garner, Communications Specialist
agarner@publishers.org, 202-220-4540

Stacey Pusey, Editorial Director, PreK-12 Learning Group
spusey@publishers.org, 202-220-4550

Amanda Straub, Special Assistant for Policy, Higher Education
astraub@publishers.org, 202-220-4553

New York Office

Johnny Francis, Accountant
jfarncis@publishers.org, 212-255-0224 

Kate Kolendo, Project Manager, Professional and Scholarly Publishing
kkolendo@publishers.org, 212-255-0326

Sara Pinto, Director, Professional and Scholarly Publishing
spinto@publishers.org, 212-255-1716