Key Judging Information

  • Judges include professional educators and publishing professionals with expertise in particular subjects, grade levels, products, and media.
  • Judging assignments are anonymous to allow judges maximum capacity for honest, constructive feedback.
  • Assignments are made, in all possible cases, to reduce bias and avoid conflicts of interest. If an area of bias or conflict does arise, judges are recused from evaluating that assignment.
  • Judging decisions are final upon certification of the results by the REVERE Awards committee and will only be reconsidered in cases with strong evidence of egregious misconduct.

The Evaluation Process

  1. Internal Product Screening—All entry forms and product samples are vetted to ensure accuracy and judging accessibility.
  2. Judging—All entries are reviewed by at least three judges, assigned based on subject and age-level expertise.
  3. Analysis—Scores and comments are checked to ensure evaluation is discerning, fair, and impartial. Finalists and winners are determined from the scores, comments, and recommendations of the judges. The full results are certified by the REVERE Awards committee.
  4. General Finalist and Winner Announcement—Finalists and winners in each of the competitions and categories are announced, except for the Golden Lamps.
  5. Golden Lamp Judging—A daylong judging event identifies the top five resources—by consensus—in each product area.
  6. Golden Lamp Winner Announcement—Golden Lamp winners are announced at the 2017 Awards Gala at Content in Context May 24-26, 2017.

Judging Criteria

Multiple rubrics allow for competition-specific tailoring of criteria and sub-criteria. The criteria and rubrics are assessed and updated each year and welcome feedback from those with questions or comments. 

Click on the links below to view the rubrics for the various 2016-2017 REVERE Awards competitions. View the complete set of rubrics here.

REVERE Awards for the Classroom

REVERE Awards for Beyond the Classroom

REVERE Awards for Integrated Marketing

REVERE Awards for Magazines

In addition, evaluation comments are available to all entrants once the winners are announced.

Become a Judge

Participating as a REVERE Awards judge is a unique and rewarding experience. Here are 8 reasons why!

  1. Support and improve the learning resource community. Judges provide a valuable service to the industry through the delivery of honest, critical, and supportive feedback on resources.
  2. Fun and interesting professional development. Evaluation allows judges to stay current on the resources, technologies, research, and other trends and best practices in the learning resource community.
  3. Gateway into or way to give back to the learning resource community. Judging is a fascinating way to learn more about the learning resource community—or get more involved!
  4. Mentorship. Evaluation is an opportunity to not only sharpen your own professional skills, but also to mentor and support colleagues who might be interested in taking this next step in their growth.
  5. Flexible judging setups accommodate almost any judging preference. Virtual or in person, all digital or all print, all in one day or over a 30 day time period, scheduled assignments or on-call as needed, by yourself or with a group—judging can work around your schedule.
  6. Perks. Judges have the opportunity to keep and request product samples for use in their schools and communities. Stipends or gift cards are offered to all judges, and there is also an opportunity to win a free registration to Content in Context, our annual conference.
  7. More Perks. Judges receive a complimentary ticket to the REVERE Awards Gala and are honored alongside the year’s winners. The PreK-12 Learning Group also provides letters of reference and encourages judges to list judging on their resumes and other professional profiles. Speaking or presenting opportunities for judges can also arise.
  8. Satisfaction in a job well done. It’s a fact—judges love judging! The feedback we receive from each year’s judging cadre is overwhelmingly positive—and the number of judges who return each year is incredibly high! Participating in judging is one way to affect positive change in education by ensuring that all resources are excellent, effective, and engaging.

Join an energetic group that’s excited to see what’s in store for 2016-2017! Contact Jay Diskey for more information.