PSP Guest Speakers

Event Overview

The PSP Books Committee will be hearing from guest speaker Ann Thornton, Vice Provost and University Librarian, Columbia University on Friday, October 20th from 12:30-1:30pm (ET) at the McGraw-Hill/NY offices. As research libraries seek new ways to ensure preservation of the printed record and make research collections more accessible, several major library collaborations are embracing a vision for shared collection development and management. Through innovations in resource sharing, commitments to long-term retention, and pragmatic approaches to sustainable collecting in a networked environment, these coalitions are envisioning a future that is increasingly interconnected and coordinated. This presentation will give an overview of some of the work that is already underway to coordinate collection development activities among major research universities and to increase access to distinctive academic collections to support research, teaching, and learning.

The PSP Journals Committee will be hearing from guest speaker David Lovinger, Editor-in-Chief, Alcohol on Tuesday, October 24th from 12:00-1:00pm (ET) at the Wolters Kluwer/NY offices. David will be discussing the impact of present circumstances and policies in the biomedical research field on research and scientific publishing.  This will include consideration of the present funding climate and its effect on areas of research emphasis and the journals selected for submission and publication.  With respect to publication, the effect of factors such as journal visibility/impact factor, speed and rigor of review, speed of online posting of accepted papers, speed of final publication, and publication cost, will also be discussed.  In addition, I will discuss the influence of open access journals and policies on submission and publication decisions.    

The PSP Books Committee will be hearing from guest speaker Andrea Macaluso, Director, Outreach and Partnerships, North America at SpringerNature who will discuss OA Books on Friday, November 17th from 12:30-1:30pm at the McGraw-Hill/NY offices.

Sounds Interesting?

The guest speaker talk is free of charge but you will need to sign up as space is limited.  You can sign up to hear the talks in-person or via teleconference.  If you or a colleague wishes to attend, please contact Sara Pinto at and state whether you would like to attend in person or remotely.


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