Programs and Events

Attending an AAP event or participating in a program is your chance to experience all that AAP has to offer. Advance your publishing industry IQ and remain current on all the latest issues.

Programs & Events

Jul 19

PSP Free Guest Speaker Talk – Persistent Identifiers

Persistent Identifiers – The 5 things you need to know

Jul 21

PSP Free Guest Speaker Talk – Authoring Tools

How Authoring Tools are Changing the Landscape between Author and Publisher

Jul 26

The Changing Discovery Landscape - Part 1: Librarians and Researchers

This session will give an overview of the discovery landscape, discuss the different kinds of discovery services, and note the differences between them.

Sep 25

PSP 2017 Journals Reboot: Problem Solving in an Evolving Journals Landscape

The purpose of the course is to expose participants to all aspects of journals publishing.