Professional/Scholarly Publishing

Inside the Silverchair Charlottesville Office. Image courtesy of Silverchair Information Systems, Copyright 2011

Members of the Professional/Scholarly Publishing Division (PSP) publish, in print and electronic form, the vast majority of materials produced and used by scholars and professionals in science, medicine, technology, business, law, and the humanities. Division members produce books, journals, computer software, databases and digital content. The nature of the products PSP members produce makes all developments affecting electronic publishing and the National Information Infrastructure of particular interest to the division.

Professional societies and university presses play an important role in the division. The division sponsors educational workshops and seminars on a range of subjects pertaining to professional and scholarly publishing. As part of its commitment to excellence in professional and scholarly publishing, the division sponsors a prestigious annual awards program, open only to AAP members.

PSP Mission Statement
PSP Vision Statement

Contact PSP Staff:
John Tagler
Vice President & Executive Director

Sara Pinto

Kate Kolendo
Project Manager

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