Requirements & Eligibility

Requirements & Eligibility

Read below for 2017 eligibility, entry requirements, and competition rules.


All Competitions

  • Open to submissions for learners of all ages
  • Open to submissions in all media
  • Open to submissions released or updated in 2016 (read below for eligibility for older products)
    • Bimonthly publications with December 2015 or January 2017 dates are allowed
  • Open to anyone creating educational resources, regardless of AAP membership
  • Open to worldwide submissions, as long as the resources are written in English and/or include English versions alongside the foreign language materials
  • No limit or cap on the number of submissions one can submit, but each one requires a separate application form, payment of the individual entry fee, and, for print submissions, their own set of samples

REVERE Awards for the Classroom and Beyond the Classroom

Products from 2015 or previous years are eligible in all categories/subcategories except Innovation and Innovate if:

  • The resource has not previously been entered in the REVERE Awards (or past iterations the AEP Awards and EdPress Awards) 


  • The resource is currently available for purchase or adoption

Innovation and Innovate

  • Submission is open to products released or significantly updated in 2016 only
    • Significant is defined as at least 50% new or revised features, content, or functionality, which must be documented on the entry form
    • Entries that don’t meet this criteria will be disqualified unless moved to an alternate category or subcategory
  • Early betas or trials are eligible with the understanding they will be judged on current content and functionality.


Entry Requirements

NOTE: Entrants are able to update application forms anytime through December 16, 2016.

All Competitions

  • Product statement (75-word max) that describes the entry’s mission, aims, or objectives. Questions to consider:
    • Classroom entries: Who is this for and what is it trying to accomplish?
    • Beyond the Classroom entries: How is it educationally valuable?
    • Innovation/Innovate entries: How is it innovative?
    • Integrated Marketing entries: How did each component help the campaign accomplish its objectives?
  • High resolution (300 ppi or higher) graphics in JPEG format; square (1:1) ratio highly recommended
    • Company logo
    • Photo of resource
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IF AVAILABLE: Short (5 minutes or less) video of the submission being used in a learning setting (accepted formats: .avi; .mov; .mpg; .mp4; .mp3)

REVERE Awards for Magazines

Digital publications should follow the Digital Access instructions below to allow online review of the material.

Print publications

Article samples must be submitted as PDFs, which can be uploaded to the entry form. This applies to the following categories:

  • Article Design
  • Cover
  • Graphics, Illustrations, and Photography
  • Columns, Essays, and Commentary
  • Departments and Sections
  • Feature Article
  • News and Reporting

Issue samples should follow the Print Samples instructions below.

Print Samples and Digital Access

Print product samples or components

  • Five (5) samples shipped to:

AAP PreK-12 Learning Group
Attn: REVERE Awards
455 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20001

  • Packages must arrive by January 6, 2017. Shipment tracking information is appreciated.
  • NO pallet shipments, please.
  • Remember that these samples will be shipped to judges across the country. To ease the work involved, please keep individual sample weights under 10-15 lbs. when possible.
  • Multiple components? Heavy or bulky? Generally uncertain about the best course of action?

Digital products/components

  • All  information necessary to sign in and use a digital resource must be included on the application form, including as needed:
    • Product URL(s)
    • Usernames
    • Passwords
    • Instructions
    • Technical requirements
  • Digital access must be live, current, and accessible from submission of the application through June 30, 2017.
  • Only one set of login credentials is required if all judges can use the same information and complete accurate review throughout the judging period.
    • If each judge needs a set of individual credentials to best review the entry, please provide up to five sets.
  • Paid apps, please contact Rachel Burgos at 202-220-4550 before submitting to discuss how to proceed.

A couple tips for digital resources:

  • Don’t forget to include information for the teacher and student experiences, where applicable.
  • Judges want the experience of a regular user! Setting up classes, assignments, students, and other demo data for them is appreciated.


Competition Rules

  • Entry fees are non-refundable.
  • In rare cases when an entry is unable to be judged properly or fairly due to limitations of the competition structure and judging process, the entry fee will be refunded in full. This will occur at the discretion of the PreK-12 Learning Group.
  • All submissions must be paid for ahead of the start of judging on January 11, 2017 or face disqualification.
  • Failure to provide proper and timely entry information will lead to disqualification.
    • Entries are vetted throughout registration in an effort to identify and fix missing, incorrect, or inactive information. If issues arise at this time, entrants will be informed. During registration, entrants are able to edit their application directly or may ask the PreK-12 Learning Group staff for help.
    • Once judging begins, any entries that did not provide updated information will be judged based on the information presented and/or disqualified. Entrants should notify the PreK-12 Learning Group of any edits to be made during the judging period. The PreK-12 Learning Group makes an effort during evaluation to review entries and resolve any issues, but is not responsible for incorrect or outdated information that has not been brought to our attention in writing.
  • The PreK-12 Learning Group reserves the right to shift or re-assign entries based on the category or subcategory that presents the best, most appropriate fit.
  • The PreK-12 Learning Group reserves the right to use the information submitted on the application form, including images, for REVERE Awards marketing and promotion. This includes, but is not limited to, social media sites, the AAP website, online product gallery, print advertising and promotion, presentations, videos, and slideshows.
  • Judging decisions are final and the judging assignments are confidential.