We bring writers to readers. The role of the publisher is to invest in compelling writers and books, focus the cultural conversation and develop market innovations which help bring eyes to writers’ works.

The reach of Trade Publishers is vast. Many of the highest-grossing and most highly-acclaimed motion pictures were based on Trade books. One hundred percent of the titles listed in Publishers Weekly’s 2010 Longest-Running Bestsellers lists were nurtured and brought to market by publishers providing the full continuum of value to writers and readers in all formats. And in 2009, the National Endowment for the Arts reported an increase in overall literary reading as a new generation of book consumers is coming of age, with the popularity of the young adult market continuing to grow.

The mission of the AAP Trade Publishers Division is to create and support a myriad of initiatives that showcase the value of content and contribute to the health of the industry. These efforts advocate reading, help increase book buying in all formats, acknowledge authors on a national scale and battle piracy to protect the livelihood of the craft.

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