Why Enter?

Why Enter?

What started as a magazine competition fifty years ago has transformed into the REVERE Awards of today. Adapting to changes in education, publishing, and the world at large have kept the Awards alive and relevant for five decades—and we've got plans for another fifty. 

New for 2017!

We've heard you - you want more time to market your award-winning materials. So, we've changed the entry period to Oct. 1 - Dec. 31, 2016; winners, except for the Golden Lamps, will be announced at the beginning of March 2017. You'll have the same amount of time to gather your best products and enter the awards, but finalists and winners will also be able to incorporate their good news into their end-of-school marketing.

For more information on how winning a REVERE Award can boost your product's marketing profile, contact Jay Diskey.

Faced with a modern education landscape full of awards, competitions, and opportunities for recognition, what separates the REVERE Awards from our competition? Here you’ll find a distinct focus on:

1. An evaluation process built on rigor and impartiality

  • Each entry is evaluated by two or more judges during the two-round judging period, offering entries feedback from multiple points of view
  • Judges retain anonymity to ensure they can provide honest feedback.
  • Competition and category-specific rubrics, not judges’ personal feelings, drive the evaluation process
  • Judges must provide thoughtful feedback in their evaluations to reinforce their scores and/or recommendations

2. Inclusion of both educators and industry professionals as judges

  • Belief in educators as expert practitioners in their field whose expertise must be included in identifying resources that will be particularly effective for learning and teaching
  • Belief in publishing professionals as experts in content/product development and delivery whose expertise must be included in identifying resources that are taking full advantage of the latest research, technology, design, and other best practices in publishing and content creation
  • A judging corps of educators and industry professionals delivers balanced assessment of entries and offers constructive, practical feedback for product improvement

3. Embracing the best in high quality learning resources—regardless of media or format

  • Competitions and categories are open to all media
  • Evaluation is geared toward thoughtful consideration of media and format as they inform the product as a whole, understanding that different resources may work best in different formats

4. An expansive view of learning—and learners—and the resources needed to educate for a lifetime

  • Entry is open to resources for all ages, from early childhood through adult learners
  • Competitions and categories for everyone, including:
  • Classroom and school resources used by educators and students
  • Educational products used outside the classroom
  • Magazines and periodical publications of any kind
  • Education marketing campaigns
  • Subcategories in major subjects and topic areas, updated each year

The REVERE Awards also offer:

5. Reputation. No other competition can match the history and prestige of winning a REVERE Award.

6. Recognition. We understand what we can offer entrants in terms of visibility and awareness with customers and in peer recognition. In addition to the REVERE Awards seal offered to finalists and winners, the REVERE Awards honorees are endorsed in our Awards Gallery, website, and social media. REVERE Awards honorees are also showcased throughout Content in Context, our annual conference, as examples of exceptional work. Head over to the Finalists and Winners page for more details on honoree benefits.

We are continuing to aggressively expand the opportunities we offer honorees, including promotion in a variety of outside publications and an increased number of invitations to speak or present at conferences, webinars, and other events.