Lamplighter Honors

2011: Paul McFall

2011: Paul McFall

Paul McFall 
SVP, School
2011: Hall of Fame

Read Paul McFall's AEP Blog entries about her career in educational publishing.

  • Part 1: His greatest influence and the advice he would give to those choosing educational publishing
  • Part 2: The greatest challenge he faced and the next big challenge for the educational publishing industry
  • Part 3: The accomplishment he is most proud of

Listen to Paul's Hall of Fame Induction and Acceptance.

Paul McFall is currently Senior Vice President, School. His responsibilities include advising Product Management and Product Development on key curriculum issues, serving on various Product Management and Development Teams, keying on Adoption States, supporting Government Relations efforts, and working with ILC and HLC organizations.

Paul is currently serving as President of the Executive Committee of the AAP School Division and is also on the Central Regional Board for Jumpstart, a non-profit Pre-K organization.

Paul grew up in Pensacola, Florida. He completed his BA degree at Troy State University in Alabama, and taught fifth and sixth grades in the Escambia County School System. He received his master’s degree in elementary education in 1968 at the University of Georgia. In 1970, he became a sales representative for Harper Row Publishing in North Carolina. At Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, he was named regional vice president of the Southeast. In 1994, he became senior vice president, national sales manager for Macmillan/McGraw-Hill in New York.

He has been married to the former Susan M. Boone of Pensacola, Florida for 40 years and has two children, Seanna Marie and Sean. Paul now has five grandchildren: Jackson, Sara-Jewel, Anna-Catherine, Austin Allen and Ella Kate.