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2012: Margery Mayer

2012: Margery Mayer

Margery Mayer
President, Scholastic Education
Scholastic Inc.
2012: Hall of Fame

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Listen to Margery's Hall of Fame Induction and Acceptance.

Margery Mayer, President of Scholastic Education and Executive Vice President of Scholastic Inc., oversees the product development, marketing and sales for the Scholastic Education division which includes Intervention, Education Technology and Services, Curriculum Publishing, and Professional Development, all of which serve school districts, teachers and children with high quality educational materials.

Under Ms. Mayer's leadership, Scholastic developed the premier reading intervention program READ 180® and its' recent upgrade,READ 180 Next Generation®. The incorporates new technology, content and supports to make teachers more effective, school leaders more empowered, and students more engaged by using highly motivating computer instruction, audio/video components, small group teacher-led instruction, and high-interest books written at low reading levels. Ms. Mayer also led Scholastic Education's development of the breakthrough foundational reading program System 44® for older students who struggle with basic phonics, and Expert 21®, a comprehensive language arts program that merges digital and print curricula for 21st Century learning. In addition, each of Scholastic Education's intervention programs is embedded with the Scholastic Achievement Manager (SAM), a revolutionary data management system that tracks student progress and helps teachers deliver individualized instruction. Today these programs are used in more than 500,000 classrooms nationwide.

To further support schools, Ms. Mayer and her team created Scholastic Achievement Partners (SAP), which offers a unique and powerful combination of comprehensive curriculum programs, professional development and comprehensive school improvement services that are research-based, proven effective, and designed to last. Scholastic Achievement Partners combines the expertise of the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE), a nationally-recognized provider of leadership development and teacher growth, and newly-acquired Math Solutions, a leading authority on effective K-12 math instruction. All of these programs and services are revolutionizing the way that educators and the education industry think about think about and implement change.

Ms. Mayer is also leading Scholastic's move into development of mathematics programs working with the leading math educator, Marilyn Burns, on her widely acclaimed math curriculum Do the Math™. Ms. Mayer was also instrumental in Scholastic's acquisition of Tom Snyder Productions, marking the Company's foray into supplemental math technology programs, such as Fraction Nation™and FASTT Math™. Most recently, Ms. Mayer directed the upgrade forFASTT Math Next Generation and the development of its correlating free math app-Sushi Monster∀, which helps students meet their Common Core State Standards fluency goals.

Ms. Mayer was selected as a “Readers Favorite” on the Fast Company magazine annual “Fast 50” list of people doing extraordinary things in spring 2007. She is also one of Pink Magazine's 2008 “Top 15 Women in Business: The Innovators.”