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2013: Dame Marjorie Scardino

2013: Dame Marjorie Scardino

Dame Marjorie Scardino
Former CEO
2013: Hall of Fame

2013 Hall of Fame Presentation

Marjorie Scardino was for 12 years chief executive (first in America and then worldwide) of The Economist and then in 1997 became the Chief Executive of Pearson plc, the world's leading education company and the owner of Penguin books and The Financial Times Group.

She retired from that position on January 1, 2013, and is currently the Chairman of The MacArthur Foundation. MacArthur is one of the world's largest independent foundations, working on a wide-ranging program from community and economic development to digital learning to juvenile justice, to international human rights, peace and security and environmental conservation. She is also a member of the boards of Oxfam, The Royal College of Art, and The Carter Center (President Jimmy Carter's foundation).

Dame Marjorie was raised in Texas, trained as a lawyer, practiced in Georgia for a decade and began there, with her husband, the Pulitzer-prize-winning Georgia Gazette newspaper. She has received a number of honorary degrees, and in 2003 was dubbed a Dame of the British Empire. She is also a member of the Royal Society of the Arts in the UK and the American Assocation of Arts and Sciences.

Her husband, Albert Scardino, is a journalist, and they have three practically perfect children.