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2014: Corinne Burton

2014: Corinne Burton

Corinne Burton, M.Ed.
Teacher Created Materials
2014: Member of the Year

2014 Member of the Year Presentation

Blog post: Corinne Burton, Member of the Year: Navigating the Unique Pre-K12 Market

Corinne Burton is currently President of Teacher Created Materials, Inc., a California-based educational publishing company with resources “created by teachers for teachers and students.”

The daughter of an educator, Corinne grew up with a vision for quality education for all. She earned her California Teaching Credentials from University of California, Irvine, and received a Master’s of Science in Computing and Technology from Columbia Teacher’s College. Corinne then taught elementary school in the Capistrano Unified School District, serving as part of the Technology Action Team.

Corinne joined the Teacher Created Materials team, starting in the Editorial Department, as an author, editor, and publisher, before rising to her current position as President. Corinne’s experiences and passions as an educator continue to infuse the company vision and product development. An avid teacher of history, Corinne co-founded the highly successful social studies branch of curriculum development within Teacher Created Materials. In 2005, she then co-founded Shell Education, the professional development arm of the company. Shell Education continues to develop award-winning, research- and standards-based professional resources for every educator.

Corinne has been instrumental in fostering the company’s vision “to create a world in which children love to learn,” and in spearheading the development of new curriculum programs, professional resources, and technology-based products that support a blended approach to education. Her leadership has helped to catapult the company’s success and outreach into nearly 90 countries around the world.

In so doing, Corinne ever remains an advocate for quality education at home, and directly supports local schools with Teacher Created Materials’ vast resources, including company service days in which the entire staff volunteers directly within school sites. As the mother of three daughters currently in elementary and middle school, Corinne advocates for quality education on a personal level as well. It is her commitment to keep the legacy of quality education on which she was raised alive for all future generations.