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2014: Todd Brekhus

2014: Todd Brekhus

Todd Brekhus
Capstone Digital
2014: Visionary Award

2014 Visionary Award Presentation

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Todd Brekhus is an educational leader devoted to introducing innovative technologies to educators and administrators. Most recently, Todd created myON, a personalized literacy platform that supports more than 3.6 million students in literacy education. Todd’s vision for myON is to provide unlimited access to an unprecedented wealth of digital content so that every student can read any book at any time. As a former educator, Todd believes in providing every student with the personalized attention necessary to succeed, and the creation of myON allows teachers to personalize literacy instruction in such a way by providing students with amazing content at every level. In his tenure at myON, Todd has grown the Capstone Digital division to 25% of the company’s value.

Prior to his work with myON, Todd developed programs such as MarcoPolo for MCI WorldCom and served as President and COO of Learning Elements and Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of PLATO Learning. Todd is a graduate of Concordia College and Johns Hopkins University. He served as a teacher, humanities chair and technology coordinator in suburban Maryland for eight years. Todd now lives in Prior Lake, Minnesota, with his wife and four children.