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2015: Anthony Salcito

2015: Anthony Salcito

Anthony Salcito
Vice President - Worldwide Education
2015: Visionary Award

2015 Visionary Award Presentation

As vice president of education for Microsoft Corp.’s Worldwide Public Sector organization, Anthony Salcito works with education institutions and partners globally to embrace technology to optimize learning environments and student achievement. In this role, Salcito oversees the worldwide execution of Microsoft’s vision for education and its partnership and technology outreach efforts.

Previously, as general manager of education in the United States, Salcito had responsibility for supporting K-12 and higher education institutions across the U.S. and leading Microsoft’s efforts to support and increase the role technology plays to enhance learning. He developed education partnerships and innovative programs to better support education customers nationally.

Salcito helped launch the U.S. Partners in Learning program in 2003, which was recognized in 2009 with the Public-Private Partnership Award from the U.S. National Governors Association. He was the catalyst for Microsoft’s involvement in the creation of the School of the Future — Microsoft’s participation with School District of Philadelphia to build an innovative high school in the city of Philadelphia, which has served as a blueprint for Microsoft’s worldwide Innovative Schools program.

Salcito has created several programs that have been leveraged broadly to support the company’s giving efforts and Microsoft’s Connected Learning Community initiative. He created the Microsoft Technology Friends Network, which links IT professionals and developers to schools and nonprofits to donate their technical expertise to aid with technology support.

Salcito joined Microsoft in 1992, helping to architect Microsoft’s marketing outreach plan in the early 1990s. During his initial years with Microsoft, Salcito had the opportunity to influence marketing and one-to-many programs including the product launches for Windows NT and Windows 95.

Salcito is involved with a variety of outreach projects; he has served on the board of directors for Stevens Institute of Technology WebCampus, and currently serves on the boards of the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Junior Achievement of Washington, the European Foundation for Management Development, the National Community Education Association and Western Governors University.

Salcito is the author of several education focused blogs, including Daily Edventures, which highlights the inspiring stories of many education thought leaders, school leaders and educators from around the world. The blog has been recognized with several education industry awards, including ‘2013 Dean’s List: 50 Must Read Higher Education Technology Blogs’ and ‘TEACH 100’. Salcito is also the author of the Education Insights blog acknowledging technology in Education and Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to learning.