2017 Golden Lamp Winners

2017 Golden Lamp Winners

Beyond the Classroom

National Center for Science, Literacy, Education, and Technology
(American Museum of Natural History)

What the judges said: OLOGY is accurate, relevant, credible and clearly created to have a positive effect. The experiences are very worthwhile -- there are educational games, stories, hands-on activities, and videos about a myriad of topics. This product is appropriate and mindful of its audiences and varied environments of use. Many of the activities are hands-on and assist in building creative learners. It also shows ambition, vibrancy, enthusiasm and a clear point of view throughout the site. The product is exciting and visually appealing. It would sustain user enthusiasm very easily, delivers an extraordinary experience, and has definite positive learning impact. 


Teaching ToleranceTeaching Tolerance Magazine 
Southern Poverty Law Center

What the judges said: Teaching Tolerance is one of the most engaging educational magazines I have encountered.It's ambitious and fearless in that it is willing to deal with sensitive and critical social topics in a way that anybody could relate to regardless of whether it pertained directly to them or not. It was also visually stimulating - I might go so far as to say beautiful - featuring great photos, illustrations and I love the layout. It's not predictable or boring. This publication is in a league of its own. It's mindful of its audience and offers itself as a wonderful resource for anyone in education regardless of their title or department. 

Classroom - Professional Resources

Analyzing and Writing with Primary SourcesAnalyzing and Writing with Primary Sources
Shell Education

What the judges said: The structure of this resource makes it very teacher-friendly,. There are a variety of activities to choose from, the explanations are clear, and the exemplar lessons provide models which the teacher can then use to create lessons unique to his/her class. The digital resource provides color versions of the images, when available. The pictures used for visual analysis are thought-provoking. 

Classroom - Supplemental Resources

Number TalksNumber Talks: Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages
Math Solutions

What the judges said: This is an excellent resource for teachers. Its print examples, tips, and Learn More sections describe the pedagogy and content very well. Its video examples from different grades allow teachers to see number talks in action. The book gives a new depth to the understanding of numbers and how they are connected through all levels of math learning.

Classroom - Whole Curriculum

McGraw-Hill networksMcGraw-Hill networks
McGraw-Hill Education

What the judges said: This full curricular offering is exceptionally deep and rich. They were gratified to see how the emerging 'text book' instruction is moving to digital platform. The McGraw-Hill network interface is easy to navigate and the materials provided for each unit are appropriate and exhaustive. Teachers will have a variety of resources to draw from - many of them primary sources! These materials are interactive and engaging. The judges especially appreciated the effort to address different reading levels and assess the background knowledge of learners. Teachers will love the ability to communicate directly with students within the network.

Judges Award

Fostering Resilient LearnersFostering Resilient Learners: Strategies for Creating a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom, written by Kristin Souers with Pete Hall

What the judges said: With clarity and sensitivity the author lays out the evidence for the damaging effects of childhood trauma and the case for adapting methods in the classroom to accommodate it. Then, before any further strategies or how-tos, she addresses educators themselves, discussing the vital importance of self-care, and self-support in continuing with their work. By using specific situations in schools and reflective questions at the end of chapters, the authors lead readers to develop ways to help children that have or are experiencing trauma outside of school.