Lamplighter Honors

2017 Honorees

2017 Honorees

Congratulations to the 2017 Lamplighter Honors recipients!

Hall of Fame

As a continuation of the annual Hall of Fame event, winners of this award will be inducted into the Educational Publishing Hall of Fame, a highly prestigious honor given to those with an outstanding history of accomplishments.

Bob Coughlan, Coughlan CompaniesRobert Coughlan, Co-Owner and Principal, Coughlan Companies

Bob Coughlan was chosen for his exemplary leadership through intense times of change in the industry, his profound commitment to philanthropy, and his dedication to the educational publishing community. As Principal of Coughlan, he guided Capstone from a small publisher with few print titles to a company that has thrived in the digital transition. Under his tenure Capstone has earned a global reputation for giving back to those in need – both in the Mankato community and to schools in need around the world. Finally, he has shared his generosity with your colleagues in the learning resource industry, including constant support of AEP and AAP and our mission.

Hugh Roome, ScholasticHugh Roome, President of Scholastic Consumer and Professional Publishing, Scholastic Inc.

Hugh Roome has been a leader in global educational publishing, forming partnerships, starting new businesses to cater to local needs, and helping usher the industry onto the world stage. He was an example to many colleagues about not only the financial importance of going global but also about the need to belong to the international community. In addition, at a time when other classroom and educator magazines are folding, Hugh has led Scholastic to both an increase in the number of magazines and the number of subscribers. He has also given back to the learning resource community with his time and expertise.

Visionary Award

The Visionary Award is given to individuals for their exceptional leadership and proven foresight in transforming the educational experience.

Deborah Quazzo, GSV Acceleration FundDeborah Quazzo, Founder and Managing Partner, GSV Acceleration Fund

Deborah was chosen for her extraordinary contributions to the growth of the learning resource industry. Through her work at GSV, she has nurtured leaders at all levels within educational publishing, whether working with entrepreneurs on successfully navigating the complex K-12 school market or bringing together established executives with innovators and policy makers. In addition, as a key part of the ASU GSV Summit, she has fostered innovation in the marketplace, ensuring the continued vitality of the industry. More important, Deborah has given back to the community by sitting on the boards of various education organizations and guiding their strategy to support quality teaching and learning.