Cathy Wolfe

Cathy WolfeCathy Wolfe
President & CEO
Health Learning, Research & Practice
Wolters Kluwer

Cathy Wolfe is President and CEO of the Health Learning, Research & Practice (HLRP) business at Wolters Kluwer. HLRP’s trusted information and technology solutions engage physicians, nurses, students, faculty, and medical researchers to help reduce care variability and drive more effective, evidence-based decisions across the continuum of care and lifelong learning.

With customers in more than 170 countries, HLRP’s leading product brands, Lippincott® and Ovid® are globally recognized by professionals to support health education, research, reference and certification needs.

Ms. Wolfe has more than 20 years of experience in vertical product solutions for print, online and digital formats with a customer-centered approach to development and transformation. In 2015, Wolters Kluwer integrated two business lines under Ms. Wolfe’s leadership to form the Health Learning, Research & Practice business, the largest business unit in Wolters Kluwer with more than 1200 employees globally. During this same year, Ms. Wolfe and her leadership team completed the acquisition of a leading independent provider of continuing medical education (CME) to US physicians, expanding its portfolio of information and digital solutions to practitioners. More recently, Ms. Wolfe has expanded HLRP’s education solutions by acquiring market-leading adaptive learning platforms in the nursing and medical education sectors.

Prior to her position at Health LRP, Ms. Wolfe was the CEO of Medical Research, where she put in place an Executive Leadership team that represents its global business with representation from the US, UK, The Netherlands, Finland, India, and New Zealand.  

Prior to her positions with the Wolters Kluwer Health Division, Ms. Wolfe was CEO of Wolters Kluwer UK, a leading provider of tax, accounting, employment, human resources, health and safety information and consultancy services. A veteran of Wolters Kluwer since 1993, she has held key leadership positions in the US and the UK, with a track record of delivering strong results and innovation. During her time at Wolters Kluwer, Ms. Wolfe has led numerous large and complex technology and product development initiatives that have resulted in the launch of innovative digital solutions that combine software, services and information. She led, for example, a team that developed the tax and accounting industry’s first Internet tax research system in 1996.

Ms. Wolfe holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and earned a BA degree in English from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. 

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