Laura Stevens

Laura Stevens is the Chief Legal Officer for Cengage; she is responsible for providing legal support for Cengage's business operations, including Cengage's Global Product and Technology groups, Sales and Marketing, and Finance, as well as its Global Anti-Piracy program and Intellectual Property Acquisitions and Granting functions. Additionally, her team provides legal advice, contract negotiation support, dispute management and legal operational support for Cengage's content licensing and acquisition activities.

Laura believes that transparency is essential for collaboration, so with this in mind, she realigned the Legal team, forming deep synergies and equipping the group to take on the challenges of an evolving business. This forward-thinking approach helped enable the launch of Cengage Unlimited and propel the company’s rapid print-to-digital transformation. Laura also founded Cengage’s privacy office, creating industry-leading preparation and standards for responsible data stewardship.

Laura joined Thomson Learning—now Cengage, in 2003—as Publishing Counsel; she has held multiple positions within the Legal division, including Assistant General Counsel and Senior Vice President. Prior to this, Laura was an attorney at Brown Raysman in New York City.

Outside of work, Laura is often seen donning ear buds as she listens to one of her many favorite podcasts. Having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of Rochester—along with a degree in political science and subsequently a J.D. from Columbia Law School—Laura is still an avid art lover and can be found on weekends frequenting art museums around Boston with her husband and two children.