Member Committees

AAP member committees are working committees, each one active in influencing and advocating for its respective issues, industry groups, and/or constituents. We invite you to explore the work of our committees below.

If you would like to participate in a committee, please contact Syreeta Swann.

AAP Committees

Committee on Trade Policy & International Strategies: The committee discusses strategies to combat online piracy and sets  the priorities for AAP’s enforcement programs, identifying countries and territories for collective action to protect members’ rights and promote member interests in foreign markets.

Copyright Committee: Advises the AAP board of directors on legislative, regulatory, and legal issues that affect copyright protection provided to the publishing industry.

Diversity/Recruit & Retain Committee (DRRC): This committee works to attract more talented, diverse voices to the publishing industry. DRRC includes the Young to Publishing Group, which plans various educational programs and networking events for junior-level employees. 

Freedom to Publish Committee: This committee defends and promotes freedom of written communication worldwide.

Higher Education Committee: The committee works with faculty, administrators, policymakers, and students on solutions that help students succeed by supporting the digital transformation in the classroom.

PreK-12 Education Committee: Provides leadership and sets the policy and direction for the AAP’s PreK-12 Division.

PSP Committee: The council is composed of corporate executives and executive directors of small, mid-sized, and large commercial companies, learned societies, and university presses, and all members are elected.

Statistics Committee: Works to ensure that AAP collects and distributes the most useful and current statistical information for the book publishing industry.