Roger Rosen

Roger RosenRoger Rosen
President and Chief Executive Officer
Rosen Publishing Group

Roger Rosen is the president of Rosen Publishing, an independent publisher that has been providing supplemental educational books and materials to libraries and K-12 schools since 1950. Roger was named president of Rosen Publishing in 1980, and has grown the publishing program to over 1,000 titles per year, across all curriculum areas. Imprints include PowerKids Press, Rosen Central, Rosen Young Adult, Windmill Books, Rosen Classroom, Rosen Online, and Editorial Buenas Letras.

In 2009, Roger purchased Gareth Stevens Publishing to continue that company’s fine tradition of non-fiction and fiction titles for students in grades K-12. Roger also spearheaded the launch of epointbooks, an eBook hosting platform offering over 7,000 nonfiction eBooks for pre-K-12. In addition, Rosen Publishing has developed a program of innovative, multimedia interactive eBooks.

Roger Rosen continues to expand his educational businesses: In March 2013 he acquired the assets of Marshall Cavendish’s North American library operation. He will be growing this list under his new company, Cavendish Square Publishing.