Congratulations to the 2017 REVERE Awards winners.

The REVERE Awards blend longstanding areas of recognition with a modern view of how and where learning takes place.

With the exception of the Golden Lamps, entry into the competitions is open and unlimited. Read more about each area to find out the competition, or competitions, that best fit your resources. Winners of select categories of the REVERE Awards are automatically submitted for the Golden Lamps, which recognizes the top resources in the Classroom, Beyond the Classroom, and Magazines competitions.

REVERE Awards for the Classroom

The Classroom competition focuses on resources developed specifically for use by education professionals and learners of any age during formal instruction and training periods--whether face-to-face, online/distance, blended, flipped, or more!

Product area categories of Whole Curriculum, Supplemental Resources, and Professional Resources include subcategories that cover core subjects, many of the established and popular elective subjects that are taught in school, and key areas of professional development for educators.

REVERE Awards for Beyond the Classroom

Materials created for general fun, enjoyment, and stimulation that also include features, lessons, or themes that are educationally valuable are welcome in Beyond the Classroom. These resources are geared toward use in informal learning opportunities and environments and can be found or purchased easily on the consumer market.

REVERE Awards for Magazines

The Magazines competition is open to any and all publications published at regular intervals—regardless of medium—that cover education, include educational topics, or generally offer opportunities to learn. Journals, blogs, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, newsletters, videos, and more are welcome.

REVERE Awards for Integrated Marketing

Educational marketing campaigns featuring multiple media channels can enter in Integrated Marketing. Open to all campaigns in education, including those for products, services, enrollment, and more.