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Getting Published

Industry Statistics and AAP Publications

AAP Members and Other Publishers

Publishing Industry Careers and Opportunities

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Getting Published

Can AAP publish my book?

No. AAP is not a publishing house. We are a trade association representing the priorities of America's publishing organizations in policy, legislative and regulatory issues. Any book pitch or draft sent to an AAP email address is immediately deleted without being read.

Can AAP help me find a publisher?

We are unable to recommend a publisher or forward manuscripts or book ideas to publishers. Unfortunately, several unaffiliated organizations and websites continue to claim AAP is a publisher referral service for the general public, which is untrue. We encourage you to contact any outlet that provided you with this incorrect information.

What advice can you give me?

There are numerous independent resources to help authors understand the publishing process and find leads on contacts. Among them:

Industry Statistics and AAP Publications

What industry statistics do you produce?

AAP produces a number of popular, well-respected reports that examine the US publishing industry, with data provided by member organizations. Non-members can purchase one or more reports; for more information about availability and pricing, contact These include:

AAP StatShot Monthly - Includes participating publisher revenue data by categories and formats for the month and year-to-date.

AAP StatShot Annual -  Tracks multiple years of sales by publisher revenue and units with a focus on category and format sales. It is typically released in the summer.

AAP distributes highlights of all reports to members of the news media who actively cover publishing. For more information, contact

Where are the monthly revenue reports? 

In 2011, as part of the rollout of StatShot, we stopped posting the narrower older-format reports and removed outdated editions from the website. These reports continued to be produced and distributed to AAP Members and non-member subscribers until the relaunched monthly was introduced.

What other publications and reports do you produce and make available?

AAP produces a number of exclusive white papers, policy backgrounders, analyses and other resources for Members. Visit our Membership area to learn more.

We do not accept third-party material for our publications.

AAP Members and Other Publishers

How can I contact AAP Members?

AAP has a complete list in our Member Directory. Most of these link directly to the Member organizations' corporate homepages. We do not sell Member contact lists or forward third-party promotional or sales offers to Members.

How can I find the rights-holder for a published work?

AAP does not provide a rights-holder search service. A good starting point for such research is the Copyright Clearance Center.

Publishing Industry Careers and Opportunities

How can I find a job in publishing?

As a service to Member publishing organizations with job openings, AAP maintains the site. This web portal provides listings for opportunities in editorial, research, marketing, digital, corporate and other functions. If you're interested in working in publishing, check it often!

AAP does not forward resumes to Members.

Can I attend conferences and other AAP-produced events?

Some AAP events are exclusive to Members but others permit a limited number of outside attendees. Please check each listing in our Events schedule for specific details, availability and non-member rates.

Public Relations

I'm a member of the media; how do I contact AAP?

Please get in touch with the appropriate person on our Contact Us page. If you're on a deadline or it's afterhours, we encourage you to email for fastest response.

I'm not a member of the media; how do I contact AAP? is our email address for general questions; it's read and addressed several times a day. Please note that if your question is already answered in this FAQ, you will not get a reply

Do you have a speaker for our group?

We can provide speakers from within our organization and help you get in touch with the appropriate AAP Members. Please send details to