Golden Lamps

Golden Lamps

Congratulations to the 2017 Golden Lamp winners.

The Golden Lamps are recognized as one of the most prestigious honors any learning product can receive. 2016 marked the 50th year that Golden Lamps will be awarded to the best of the best in learning resources.

Originally awarded to the top periodical of the year, the Golden Lamps have expanded and currently recognize the best resources in:

REVERE Awards for the Classroom

  • Whole Curriculum
  • Supplemental Resources
  • Professional Resources

REVERE Awards for Beyond the Classroom

REVERE Awards for Magazines

Golden Lamp Recognition Process

To ensure that the Golden Lamps honor the absolute best resources, Golden Lamp eligibility is limited—and automatic—to winners of the other competitions’ categories and subcategories.

  1. Products compete against direct competitors in chosen categories or subcategories of Classroom, Beyond the Classroom, or Magazines. Being named a category or subcategory winner establishes subject area bona fides.
  2. Winners, now Golden Lamp finalists, are automatically elevated into the running for a Golden Lamp.
  3. Golden Lamp finalists compete head-to-head during a final round of judging. A group of educators and industry professionals review, discuss, and debate each resource before agreeing, by consensus, on the Golden Lamp winners.

As a result of this rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process, winning a Golden Lamp is a sign of particular excellence and distinction within the field.