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Whether you are pursuing a job in business, design, editorial, marketing, sales, production, or technology, publishing is a long-term profession that makes you proud. Discover a career in an environment where you can learn, grow, succeed, and belong: a place where real people from all walks of life can contribute their intelligence, ideas, and experiences.

Over 400 publishing houses and companies across the industry post their open jobs and internships to our free job board. A one-stop shop for interested students and industry professionals, also provides information on recruitment events at local colleges and universities, publisher profiles on hundreds of companies, information on advanced studies at a variety of publishing programs, descriptions and links to professional publishing organizations, a dictionary of commonly used publisher terminology, links to significant industry events and conferences, and many other resources.


BOOKJOBS.COM was created to aid in the recruiting of the best and the brightest college graduates around the country—graduates from all ethnic and social backgrounds and all areas of study.

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