Building Data-Driven K-12 Marketing Programs

Guest blog post by Angela Ridpath, VP Marketing, MCH Strategic Data

Today’s marketers have more control over who, what, when, where and how messages and ads are served.  Digital platforms give marketers the ability to find look-alike audiences with the click of a mouse.  However, the ability to be successful resides in having a clean, accurate customer and prospect database.  Having the most accurate contact information is truly the anchor for every data-driven marketing activity.

Importance of clean data

It’s almost impossible for marketers to be successful if they are working with incomplete or inaccurate data.  Having a clean database with updated contact information is the anchor for marketing campaigns. This especially holds true if you are working in an industry such as K-12 education where there are monthly fluctuations. Teachers move, retire and change titles. New teachers enter the workforce. These monthly fluctuations can have a great impact on your ability to grow, uncover new opportunities and build your brand. 

Be sure to capture new teachers throughout the year

It’s important to capture new teachers and remove teachers that are no longer at institutions more than once a year. There is quite a bit of volatility and movement within this audience.  Not having the right contact data can affect your ability to garner good response rates. In addition, by capturing new teachers more than once a year, you get your message in front of them sooner. This helps expose your brand to a desirable, new audience. 

Tips for building a successful data-driven K-12 marketing program

  1. Take data hygiene seriously. Start with a clean, updated and accurate K-12 marketing database.
  2. Understand the volatility and monthly changes in the marketplace and refresh and update data often.
  3.  Build look-alike audiences on digital platforms to find more contacts that look like your best contacts.
  4. Build powerful segments of customers and prospects. Nurture and move them through the buying cycle. 
  5. Test, analyze and optimize. 

About MCH Strategic Data

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