Checking in on Teachers at the Checkout Line: How Much Are They Spending?

Teachers buying supplies for their students is not new. However, the juxtaposition of decreased state and local education budgets with the increased focus on edtech leads to many questions on how educators are outfitting their classrooms. The Huffington Post took to social media to find out how much teachers have paid out of pocket so far. A survey of the posts shows many paying more than $1,000 for education resources—and most are not done yet.

While many of the posts focus on basic classroom supplied, like paper, other items include:

  • Guided reading books
  • Shelves
  • Library books
  • PE equipment
  • Posters/decorations
  • Science classroom supplies

Read “Teachers Spend Way Too Much Of Their Own Money On School Supplies, And Here's Proof,” by Rebecca Klein, The Huffington Post (September 2, 2015) and head over to Twitter for a look at more on teacher classroom spending.

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