CIC Snapshot: Developing Effective Privacy Programs for Small- to Mid-Size Publishers

Three experts in student data privacy convened for a panel discussion on how to employ student data privacy measures in publishing at Getting Down to Brass Tacks: Practical Approaches to Help Small to Mid-Size Publishers Develop Effective Privacy Programs during the AAP PreK-12 Learning Group’s Content in Context conference. Mark Luetzelschwab of Eduphoric LLC and and a veteran in education technology innovation, along with Bob Moore of RJM Strategies LLC and CoSN Privacy Project Director and moderator Lee Wilson of Filament Games, explained key aspects of fear and uncertainty surrounding student data privacy. They also provided recommended actions for clearly understanding all the caveats of student data privacy and security issues. 

The panel went over internal and external harms from collecting student data privacy through the lens of informing educational content providers on the fundamental concerns behind privacy for students. Harms such as labeling, access, marketing, the digital footprint, contact and identity/breaches were explained to the audience. The definition of the privacy conundrum and compliance to student data privacy legislation were also topics covered throughout the presentation. The session concluded with audience members asking about the future of potential federal policy and practical questions on how to implement the beginning stages of using and storing student data.


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