Clean Data Can Hit the Spot for Education Marketers

Guest blog post by Kristina James, Director of Marketing, MDR

Did you know that in the past year alone, more than 1.3 million teachers were new to a school and 20% changed a grade or subject?*

Data, specifically “clean” data, is more important than ever for education marketers. Whether you fuel your marketing campaigns with good (current) or bad (inaccurate or outdated) information can be the difference between missing your growth projections and knocking your numbers out of the park!

Those organizations that do focus on getting the right data to the right system at the right point of customer interaction can generate up to 66% higher revenue than those who don’t.**

Cleaning your database and understanding your best prospects are crucial to a well-tuned strategy that can lead to higher response rates, reduced email waste, more reliable sales reporting, and increased revenue and customer retention.

Here are some things to consider:

  • When is the last time your file was refreshed?
  • How often are you sending messages to each of the contacts in your database?
  • Are you monitoring email bounces, undeliverable emails and returned direct mail?

During the 2015-2016 school year, MDR added 1.3 million names and removed 1.1 million. We also removed 700,000 inaccurate emails and added 1.1. million emails to our educator database.

Remember, a clean customer profile goes beyond contact information. Last school year alone, MDR recorded 1 million job changes. Missing even basic information like grade level and discipline taught could affect your go-to market strategies. Not knowing fundamental information like school size or purchasing behavior, for example makes achieving your growth goals even harder.

You should track:

  • Current customer behavior vs. prospect behavior
  • Types of schools and districts that purchase each product
  • Changes in purchase history at the contact, school and district level
  • New funding availability by state and district

Knowing this improves marketing proficiency by maximizing your mail and email budget, while increasing conversions.  In a survey cited in a Dun and Bradstreet report, “47% of respondents had seen either a noticeable or severe impact on their marketing campaigns from missing or incomplete data.”

Keep in mind, in the last year*:

  • 8,809 Public schools shifted their grade range
  • 826 Public schools and districts closed or merged into other schools or districts
  • 397 New schools opened due to enrollment growth or special populations
  • 10% more schools have Title I Schoolwide Programs

An understanding of market changes, customer behavior and a clean customer file is the best sales tool.  Keeping it in perfect running order is crucial and requires regular updates and maintenance, but the investment pays off.

Getting updates as they happen and automatically is the easiest way to ensure accuracy.

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* Source: MDR Research

**Source: Dun & Bradstreet Research

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