Closing the Loop on Tech Integration in the Classroom

A new report by the World Economic Forum, written in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group, examines how technology can play a role in helping students become proficient in 21st century skills. Titled New Vision for Education: Unlocking the Potential of Technology, the report defines the 16 critical skills for students to learn, the gaps in proficiency around the world, and case studies where edtech contributed to success. The report’s authors conclude that technology is a key tool for increasing achievement, but it’s not enough just to have digital resources. “For technology to reach its greatest potential it needs to be better integrated into an instructional system we call the ‘closed loop,’” argue the authors. “For instance, at the classroom level, education technologies should be integrated within a loop that includes instructional delivery, ongoing assessments, appropriate interventions and tracking of outcomes and learning.”

In addition, the report contains priorities for key education stakeholder group. Education technology developers should:

  • Develop tools and business models that are financially viable in the developing world, that address its unique environment and constraints, and that work to overcome the digital divide;
  • Build tools that go beyond foundational literacies and specifically target competencies and character qualities;
  • Support the development of comprehensive global assessments and measurements for 21st-century skills;
  • Engage in the public debate about education and promote the need for the development of skills most demanded in the job market; and
  • Promote the scaling up of proven innovations through partnerships, dialogue and advocacy.

Read the report, including priorities for other education stakeholders at the Boston Consulting Group website.

The 2015 CIC from the AAP PreK-12 Learning Group will offer an Edtech Reality Check, discussing the viability of edtech initiatives and what learning resource developers can do to help schools.

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