Conventions of Digital Culture in PreK-12 Learning Explored in New White Paper

The digital culture in the preK-12 education space is complex, fragmented, and in many ways still evolving. In June at the AAP PreK-12 Learning Group Ed Tech Forum, we assembled a standards fantasy team and challenged these nine experts to provide an introduction to the standard they were representing, an update on the latest status, and information on how to get involved to make use of or even participate in further evolution of that standard. The result was a unique opportunity for participants to get a high-level overview of the preK-12 ed tech standards landscape and leave with a better understanding of how and where these different standards overlap and interact.  The resulting white paper, “A Survey of the Ed Tech Standards Landscape,” captures much of the information shared that day through a summary by each of the presenters. 

The paper is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to ed tech standards, nor is it meant to be an endorsement of any one standard over another. There are dozens of other important standards at play in the prek-12 digital space, but given the time constraints and context of the forum, we had to limit the scope of what we could cover in one day. We hope to cover these at future Learning Group events and in future publications. In fact we are already in the planning stages for the 2016 Ed Tech Forum June 6 in Philadelphia.

You can download the white paper here.

Those interested in this white paper may also be interested to know that the PreK-12 Learning Group has plans to convene a new group around ed tech issues later this fall. The group will provide guidance on future programming, work on standards projects where appropriate, track trends, and coordinate with other education technology associations. If you or a colleague is interested in learning more or participating, contact Dave Gladney


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