Credibility as a Service in the PreK-12 Publishing Industry

During a recent Education Talk Radio program, Myron Cizdyn, CEO of BLPS Content Connections, and host Larry Jacobs talked about Educational Needs in a New Era. Much of the discussion focused on the distinction between content and platform, but first, Cizdyn took a moment to try and define the role of the educational publisher in the digital world in what he coined the post-traditional-publisher era. For him, credibility is the biggest service publishers provide to educators and students.

In response to whether or not we should call companies publishers or content providers
“Publisher used to be a really well-defined word. You knew if a company was [a publisher] or not. This is not the case now. The line between platform and content, between rights and permissions and copyright – these lines are shifting constantly. Content providers in the post-publisher era now are so many more people. It’s so much more fragmented. So, what we should do mainly is say, ‘Everybody could be – and in many cases is – a content provider.’ Content provider is such a bland and vanilla word. I like publisher because it has heft.

On the role of the traditional publisher in a time when anyone can post content online
“Credibility is an extremely important point. This is the greatest responsibility of the era that we’re living in right now with educational publishing. It used to not be so important because everybody knew where the authoritative voices were. Now, there is so much more information that publishers maybe need to shift away from copyright towards credibility. The goal has always been to protect one’s copyright and to make sure that intellectual property is preserved, and those things are extremely important. But what is the real value add of a publisher in the educational space right now? It’s not the ability to get out in front of people. With the Internet anybody can do that. It’s a question of your credibility – that’s the most important part of what we call premium content.”

Listen to “Educational Needs in a New Era,” from Education Talk Radio. (September 21, 2016)

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