Developing an Award-Winning Learning Resource - Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships

What makes a Golden Lamp-winning product? The best of the best REVERE Awards winners, Golden Lamp products are chosen based on excellence in key areas like content & pedagogy (or approach), adaptability, engagement, creativity, usability, and overall experience. In a recent webinar the 2015 winners discussed the challenges and key steps in making a product that truly enhances effective teaching and learning. Below, Aaron Larson, Acquisitions & Project Coordinator for The Dibble Institute, talks about the 2015 Supplemental Resources Golden Lamp winner Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships. Larson discusses the challenges of helping students learn how to look at situations from a different perspective and the future of personalized learning.



Learn more about the REVERE Awards. The 2016 competitions are now open for entry.