Educators and the Social Media Landscape

Guest blog post by Kristina James, Director of Marketing, MDR

Teachers everywhere share common goals and questions, so social media is a natural fit for them to connect with their broader education community. In fact:

  • 76% of teachers use social networks
  • Almost 50% of teachers check their social networks on a daily basis
  • 61% of teachers report that they’ve shown support for a product, service, or company by becoming a “fan,” “friend,” or “follower” on a social networking site.

These figures show why social networks should be part of your teacher outreach strategy. Many marketers already know this, but still face challenges when it comes to using social channels. 

At MDR, we often hear that you aren’t exactly sure: how to measure ROI, which social channels to use, and what benchmarks to employ to see if your social media strategy is working.

Like each individual, each social media channel has its own personality. Facebook is conversational and personal. Pinterest is focused and visual. Twitter is topical and of-the-moment. Instagram is real-life and visual. Teachers use these and other social networks in different ways.

A few best practices for using the social networks favored by teachers include:

  • Facebook: Use text to do more than point to a link; for example, pull out a fact or a quote, but don’t repeat text that is already in the link or image.
  • Pinterest: Showcase your expertise through broad topics. Topics should be focused and imagery timely.
  • Twitter: Teachers tend to share tweets (i.e., retweet) they find informative and relatable. Using quotes, numbers, and hashtags in your tweets can also boost retweets.
  • Instagram: High-quality, emotion-provoking images tend to get likes and comments. Keep in mind that teachers are looking for authentic photos, so using stock imagery is a “no-no” when it comes to Instagram.

Measuring ROI for social media isn’t difficult—it’s different. At MDR, we like to refer to it as ROE (Return on Engagement). An equation that you can follow for measuring engagement for a specific time period on a social network is: actions taken divided by total impressions. This equation enables you to see your performance, and to measure it against your competitors’.

For more information on how to use the social media landscape to reach educators, visit our series From Imposter to Social Media Insider.

Hear what teachers say about using social media and their tips for posting content at: Social Media and Teachers.

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