The End of Summer Vacation for Education Marketers

Guest blog post by Kristina James, Director of Marketing, MDR

Once upon a time, education marketers could catch a few moments to exhale in June and July, taking a well-deserved breather before the chaotic back-to-school season. The truth is, because of social media and email, teachers are now online and engaging with brands even when the school building itself is closed. 

In fact, most educators are engaging with brands more over the summer months, specifically June, July and August. Surprising? Maybe…maybe not.

Seventy-six percent of teachers use social networks. So, since more teachers than ever are going online, it makes sense that they’d use the “off season” to get ready for when they return to the classroom after breaks.

This is true for winter as well when educator KPIs are strong, including increased social impressions, website visits and email open rates. Consider December a digital month for teachers too! Expand your selling and campaign windows beyond the traditional timetables.

“The Internet has transformed how much of the world works, and educators have embraced this transformation even more than the U.S. public at large. Eight out of ten educators say that the Internet has changed the way they get information about products and services, and some two-thirds report that the Internet has changed the way they shop for products and services, the way they work, and the way they spend their free time."*

It’s not just breaks, holidays and weekends. Stay in touch during the school year as well. “Educators use the Internet more than the general population, both at home and at work."*

The key to success is staying top of mind, but relevant.  

Check out MDR's infographic, Engaging Educators Online, to learn more about when to connect with educators.  

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