The Evolution of the Modern Day REVERE Awards: Categories and Competitions

In part two of our series looking at the evolution of the REVERE Awards, we look at how profoundly the Awards competitions have changed to reflect the expanding needs of preK-12 learning. Ensuring that the program recognizes high quality resources, wherever and however they may be found, each iteration focused on creating categories that matched how educators, parents, and students use educational materials in their everyday lives. Below is a timeline of our most recent updates.


  • Distinguished Achievement Awards (DAAs): Product categories Whole Curriculum and Supplemental Resources (replacing “Curriculum”) joined Professional Development and Periodicals as DAA categories.
  • Media-based categories and age divisions are discontinued or greatly reduced. The Awards top priority is finding the best resources in a subject area, no matter their audience and inclusive of all media. 
  • The Innovation Awards are formally introduced. 


  • The AEP Awards officially become the REVERE Awards, a program of AAP’s PreK-12 Learning Group.
  • Beyond the Classroom Awards are established as the program embraces the wider world of learning resources – those used outside classrooms and available directly in consumer marketplaces. 
  • Other changes: The Innovation Awards eliminated media-based categories while the DAA Periodicals category reinstated age divisions by popular demand. 


  • All competitions organized under the REVERE Awards umbrella to reinforce brand recognition and program cohesion.
  • The Distinguished Achievement Awards become the REVERE Awards for the Classroom, featuring product categories of Whole Curriculum, Supplemental Resources, and Professional Resources.
  • After a promising first year, the new REVERE Awards for Beyond the Classroom institute four topic area categories.
  • The former DAA Periodicals category is reconfigured as the REVERE Awards for Magazines. Repositioning periodical publications as their own competition was a significant move in displaying our continued support for magazines.
  • The Beacon Awards are recalibrated as the REVERE Awards for Integrated Marketing. An essential shift into the 21st century, this competition is now aimed at data-backed marketing campaigns.
  • To better identify innovation within product areas, Innovation becomes a category within the REVERE Awards for the Classroom and Beyond the Classroom.
  • The Golden Lamp Awards are modified into the top level of recognition within the REVERE Awards. 

Learn more about the REVERE Awards. The regular entry deadline is December 18.