Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for Education Focuses on Coding, College Readiness, and Community Impact

Forbes has released its new list of 30 under 30, including their key influencers in education. The 2015 class, according to Caroline Howard of Forbes, is pushing for massive upheaval in the learning landscape, focusing not just on the content of what kids learn but on how they do it. From mitigating the summer slide to teaching coding and web development at all levels to providing resources for college readiness, the honorees are touted as major contributors to the current education revolution.

A sampling of the 30 under 30 in education

  • Karim Abouelnaga, Founder, Practice Makes Perfect, mentoring and enrichment program to alleviate the summer slide
  • Miriam Altman & Alexandra Meis, Cofounders, Kinvolved, an app that helps families of at-risk youth and schools improve attendance
  • Amelia Castaneda, Center Director, Northside at Higher Achievement, directing programs to boost college-readiness for middle-schoolers
  • Mattan Griffel, Cofounder, One Month, offering online courses that can be completed in 30 days
  • Benjamin Levy, Founder, eduCanon, allows teachers to add interactivity to videos
  • Danny Yaroslavski, Founder, Lightbot, teaches kids as young as four to code through developing video games

Read more about the 30 under 30 for education from Forbes and view the complete list.

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