Heart and Smarts–The Art of Content Marketing to Educators

Guest blog post by Kristina James, Marketing Leader, MDR

Did you know that dollar per dollar, content marketing delivers more leads than traditional advertising? And that content is an especially powerful tool with forever-learning educators?

Based on hundreds of client campaigns, MDR has learned how effective the right content—deployed in the right channels at the right time—can be to build relationships between educators and brands.

Content marketing is the art of deploying content for optimal impact and response. When it comes to educators, content marketing takes on deeper meaning: it’s not just about selling your products and services. Your content needs to have heart and smarts to move educators.

Most educators see their profession as a calling; they’re committed to nurturing young minds and seeking out the best solutions for their students’ challenges. They want to know they can trust your brand, and that you share their commitment to kids.

So, how do you move educators from awareness, to interest, to trust, to advocacy? With useful, compelling, heartfelt materials that benefit their students, complement their work lives, and fit into their lesson plans.

Your most powerful tool to engage educators is content. Who you are and what you offer the world as a brand are expressed through content from ads that capture interest to social posts that show you get what your audience cares about, and more.

Content marketing isn’t a fad; it’s a philosophy that’s uniquely effective with educators.  Recent case studies prove that content marketing works with educators. MDR’s customers that saw results using content marketing included:

  • a free giveaway and blog articles that connected with early childhood educators
  • live virtual field trips that engaged students and teachers
  • a poster that successfully helped introduce a new product line.    

Would you like more ideas on what content you can create to gain interest and trust of educators?  Get more tips, tools and advice on marketing to educators from MDReducation.com.

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