The Intersection of Common Core and Game-Based Learning

Over the past few years two big issues have been capturing headlines in the education community: the Common Core and game-based learning. A new article from the Hechinger Report examines whether or not students can learn the Common Core through gaming. As with any educational resource, educators should be cautious about using a game just because the developers have said it's aligned to the CCSS. However, the article points out that many of the critical thinking and problem-solving skills of gaming are essential components of the CCSS.

“The best games are all about solving problems and they can help move us away from just having kids know facts to pass tests,” said James Gee, a professor at the Center for Games and Impact at Arizona State University’s education school, to the Hechinger Report. “But games aren’t good for everything. Big publishers want to bring games to schools as a stand-alone product; just like that didn’t work for textbooks, games have to be just one part of a bigger learning system.”

Read "Can students learn the Common Core through gaming?" by Emmanuel Felton, The Hechinger Report (October 15, 2015).

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