Mapping Digital Instructional Materials Acquisitions Policies across the United States

While classrooms have been moving in the digital direction, state and local policies have not always kept up. In addition, when there are specific laws and regulations, publishers and school officials have had to wade through several documents to find everything that pertains to digital materials. Now, the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) and its membership has developed an online, curated database, providing a detailed picture of each state’s digital policies and practices.

"Our intent in releasing the DMAPS portal is to help schools and districts implement digital instructional materials more efficiently and effectively," said Lan Neugent, SETDA's Interim Executive Director, in a press release. "It is essential that leaders understand all options related to adoption and implementation of tools and resources to support learning in the digital age."

Features of the portal include individual state profiles, heat maps that compare state trends, and details on OER collaboration in and out of the state. Individual profiles feature links to state departments of education; state educational technology standards and plans; and guidelines on procurement, funding, and review processes. Users can also compare up to five state profiles at a time.

View the portal for Digital Instructional Materials Acquisition Policies for States.

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