Marketing Reality in the Digital Age from 2015 CIC Speakers

The 2015 Content in Context (CIC) conference, Development & Delivery for Digital Learners, offers expert insights from industry leaders, researchers, and educators. Get a sneak peak of these thought leaders and their perspectives on the current state of education.

Part two of the series focuses on Sales & Marketing strand speakers. Visit the CIC website for more information and to register.

Marketing Reality Check

Michael Campbell, Head of Marketing and Sales, Learning Bird

On being a partner to customers “As we partner with educators and administrators to help students succeed, we are creating self-directed learners who will be college- and career-ready. Encouraging state programs such as those in place in California, Florida, and Utah, which urge schools to convert to a complete digital program, will help amplify digital content success. And finally let’s help our partners in education to implement digital curriculum programs with care. No more dusty software programs on the shelf; it is time to move forward and make digital content the first part of the conversation.”

“Marketing in the Age of the Digital Transition,” by Michael Campbell,EdNET Insight (March 6, 2015)


Will Working with Amazon Sell You Down the River?

Bill Evans, CEO, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

On the future of education: “The landscape of education is changing—rapidly. The very role of a teacher is evolving. The social aspect of communication gives students access to experts in a way that has never been experienced before. Learner-centered experiences are on the rise. Mobile technologies that support anytime, anywhere learning, and distance learning continue to grow exponentially as entire populations of students gain access to programs that have historically been out of their reach. The world and centuries of knowledge are now available in a student’s pocket.”

“The World in Your Pocket,” by Victor Rivero, EdTech Digest (March 22, 2012)


Applying the 4 P’s to Marketing Digital Products

Matt Keller, Chief Marketing Officer, Capstone

On the reorganizing to get more intimate with the customer: “And what we realized is we need to center ourselves around customers and markets. So, two and a half years ago we said we’re going to be in the school business, that’s the majority of our business. We want to be in the trade business, we had started there. And we want to be more deliberate about going internationally. So we reorganized; it was very fundamental…Fundamental organizational change but it had a monumental difference for us… the purpose of doing that is really to get more intimate with the customer, to really go deep with the customer, to understand that customer more by organizing really around customer needs.”

“EdNET 2014: Not Your Father’s Marketing Plan—Marketing and CRM in the Digital Age,” EdNET Community (October 9, 2014)

John Morse, CEO, Merriam-Webster

On dictionaries in the digital age: “’The interesting thing about walking around this floor is that you’re actually watching knowledge get created,’ Morse says as we tour Merriam’s editorial department. ‘Some editor is sitting down with a bunch of citations and is drawing conclusions about the meaning of a word that no one has drawn before. Every day here the editors contribute to the sum store of human knowledge. They didn’t aggregate stuff that other people did. They actually created a new piece of knowledge. For me, that’s just as cool as it gets.’”

“The Definition of a Dictionary,” by Stefan Fatsis, Slate (January 12, 2015)

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