Meet the Contenders: Golden Lamp for Beyond the Classroom

Every year, the Golden Lamp Awards from AAP name the best of the best in PreK-12 learning resources. Over the next week, leading up to the 2017 AAP Celebrates ceremony where we will announce the Golden Lamp winners, we’ll be looking at the finalists for each category. First up: Beyond the Classroom.

Contender #1
OlogyOLOGY National Center for Science, Literacy, Education, and Technology from the American Museum of Natural History
Winning Category: Learn
About: OLogy, the Museum's website for kids, relaunched in the Winter of 2017. The website is now optimized for mobile and tablet users. The new site is the result of a year-long redesign process that involved user-testing, analytics review, and research into best practices in "responsive" design. OLogy offers games, videos, articles, and hands-on activities about 14 "Ologies," or branches of science, from Archeaology to Zoology.

What the judges said: OLOGY is accurate, relevant, credible and clearly created to have a positive effect. The experiences are very worthwhile -- there are educational games, stories, hands-on activities, and videos about a myriad of topics. This product is appropriate and mindful of its audiences and varied environments of use. Many of the activities are hands-on and assist in building creative learners. It also shows ambition, vibrancy, enthusiasm and a clear point of view throughout the site. The product is exciting and visually appealing. It would sustain user enthusiasm very easily, delivers an extraordinary experience, and has definite positive learning impact. 

Contender #2
Curious WorldCurious World from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 
Winning Category: Play
About: Curious World is an interactive content service that offers an expanding collection of games, videos, and books mapped to eight key learning areas. Available as an iPad, iPhone and Apple TV app, Curious World is a subscription-based experience that has topped 1 million downloads in the US and features a carefully selected collection of playful learning content for kids aged two to seven, as well as a parent dashboard and tips for offline learning activities.

What the judges said: A curated collection of books, games, and videos Curious World is both engaging to kids and tied to learning.  The learning range is wide, including not just math, science and literacy but also health, social development, etc. Particularly useful is the personalization aspect. Parents can easily choose age-appropriate materials and create a specialized database of activities accessible to their child.  Further, the parent portal allows the parent to see which of the activities the child has used and the amount of time spent on these activities.

Contender #3
Real as Me coverReal As Me: A Curriculum Guide for Empowering Young Women from Youth Communication
Winning Category: Relate
About: The stories and lessons in this curriculum help educators create supportive, safe spaces where girls can explore their assets and resiliencies as young women. Our strengths-based approach builds on teens’ interest in developing social bonds, and helps teens see the good in themselves.

What the judges said: The story anthology reflects great diversity in challenges faced by female teens of various socio-economic backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, ethnic groups, and countries of national origin. The different challenges discussed are well chosen for the target group, and the passages are very readable; this very adaptable curriculum will help young women with reading literacy and speech skills. The curriculum guide accompaniment was outstanding; compelling and reader-friendly for a leader to use.

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