Neither Party’s Budget Plan Provides the Relief America Needs

House and Senate budget conferees met on Monday, April 20 to start working combining their proposed budgets. A new post from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) says, though, that both the House and Senate FY 2016 budget have major flaws.

  • Deficit reduction entirely through massive spending cuts, without any revenues.
  • Disproportionate cuts in programs for low- and moderate-income Americans.
  • More Americans uninsured and underinsured, and more living in poverty.
  • No sequestration relief for domestic priorities in 2016, and a gimmick to boost defense spending.
  • More cuts in essential domestic investments after 2016.

Perhaps most important, the CBPP believes that there is a misguided focus on balancing the budget by 2025. “Pursuing a balanced budget within ten years, and above all else, becomes especially damaging when combined with the budgets’ no-new-revenue stricture,” states the article. “The nation would be better served if policymakers put the budget on a sustainable path while encouraging full employment and a broader sharing of the benefits of economic growth.”

For the complete list of problems in the proposed Congressional budgets read “Ten Serious Flaws in the House and Senate Budget Plans,” by Robert Greenstein, CBPP (April 20, 2015).