New Initiative Offers Blueprint for Successful K-12 Leaders

On the heels of the Council of Chief State School Officers and National Policy Board for Educational Administration asking for comments on the revised Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards for School Leaders (ISLL), EdFuel has released its competency maps for essential skills, knowledge, and relationships for leadership in education. EdFuel’s Blueprint for Success, which was developed in collaboration with the Broad Center, NewSchools Venture Fund, Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, the Bridgespan Group and 40+ sector leaders, includes seven functional competency maps to show the knowledge, skills, and relationships necessary to manage school districts and networks. The initiative is in response to their ownMay 2015 leadership survey that showed 60% of non-instructional leaders — at all levels, across all types of organizations — are planning to leave their current organization in the next three years. 


  1. Development: marketing and communications and fundraising and fund
  2. Finance: finance strategy and planning; financial stewardship, compliance and reporting; and capital finance
  3. Operations: operations management, facilities management, and organizational strategy
  4. Talent: strategy, development, acquisition, and operations and systems
  5. Academics: design and development of academic model, management of schools, and professional learning and development of instructional staff
  6. Advocacy: policy, research, and government processes; goal-setting, strategy, and tactics; and relationship-building and mobilizing
  7. Information and Data: strategy, management, analysis, and application and action

In addition, there is an additional map of cross-cutting leadership skills focused on three key areas: strategic management, effective-teaming, and self-management. The next step in EdFuel’s work will include a report on their research.

For more information go to EdFuel’s website.

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