Notes from ASU + GSV 2015

In an occasional series, PreK-12 Learning Group staff will offer their observations from industry events. Jo-Ann McDevitt, Strategic Partnerships Executive, tells what she learned at ASU + GSV.

Overall, ASU + GSV is a very productive place to hold meetings as the movers and shakers from all technology arenas are present. The conference has grown (1,800 attendees in 2014; 2,500 attendees in 2015 and will be moving to San Diego for 2016.

Other Observations

  • There was programming for all the varied constituents: K-12, Higher Ed, Investor Community, publishers/content developers, servicer providers, tech companies.
  • The best session I went to was Moving from “If” to “How”: Perspectives on Making the Transition from Print to Digital. Featuring two superintendents (including upcoming CIC presenter Dallas Dance), one principal, and one teacher, the session gave great insights on how  schools and districts want to partner with content providers.
  • In addition to the sessions, there were over 200 company and product demos.
  • ASU + GSV has become THE place to announce new products, new companies, and new partnerships such as, HP/Knewton , Intel Ed Accelerator Program, and Microsoft/McGraw-Hill Education regarding Office Mix.
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