One Perspective on Edtech's Impact on the Classroom

At the AAP PreK-12 Learning Group’s recent Content in Context conference, technology wasn’t a separate strand but was incorporated throughout. As many speakers pointed out, technology has been integrated into the classroom and curricula from the beginning—whether we are talking about pencils with erasers or smartphones. Looking at the latest generation of classroom tools, an article for the Huffington Post details how the new edtech has impacted education from federal politics to private investors.

Five Major Areas of Impact

  1. New curriculum in school --especially classes focused on computer science
  2. Re-emergence of the vocational school--specifically looking at tech careers
  3. Shift in higher education—not only new tech-related degrees but also the struggle of liberal arts colleges
  4. Federal policy and funding—dedicated dollars going to STEM education and national STEM initiatives
  5. Private sector’s vested interest in education—in addition to foundations, funding is coming from major companies like Microsoft, Intel, and Cisco

Read “5 Ways The Tech Industry Is Reshaping The Education System As We Know It,” The Huffington Post (July 24, 2015)

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