Parents’ Views on the Shifts in Educational Technology

The LearningCurve team from Marketplace has been studying the impact of technology on education, including how parents view the increased use of tech in the classroom and in school/parent communications. Conducted by Lieberman Research Worldwide, overall the survey found that parents are positive towards technology for school, agreeing that it makes it easier for children to do their school work and learn at their own pace, and for parents to be involved in their education However, parents are divided on the impact of digital tools on critical thinking skills.


  • According to parents, almost all children in grades 3 through 12 use a computer for school work. Lower income children are slightly less likely to have access to a computer.
  • Low income children are also less likely to encounter technological requirements at school.
  • Most children have access to household devices to do their school work at home. Few children use technology only at school or exclusively on a school-owned device.
  • While most parents report that their child’s school has a computer lab, other infrastructure support is less universal, such as wireless Internet access, digital textbooks and a resource for parents to use if their child is having difficulty with the technology.
  • Most schools require that children conduct research online although only about half take tests on an electronic device.
  • Most parents agree that technology for school has made technological, research, and skills for future careers better, but only half think that writing skills have improved.
  • Most parents agree that technology for school makes them better able to monitor their child’s grades, assignments or test dates and communicate with teachers.

Read Parents’ Attitudes Toward Education Technology (May 2015) from Marketplace.

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