Parents Want Tests That Focus on Students, Not Schools

A new poll by Education Post shows that about half of U.S. parents are dissatisfied with the amount of testing in school, feeling that schools are testing too much. Parents are generally not against testing, though. Instead, they would like tests that focus on assisting teachers with creating learning plans for the students versus assessments that create school rankings or identify schools that need help.

“We’re hearing from parents that they generally see value and promise in testing, but their experiences with testing do not come close to matching what they want for their kids,” Education Post Executive Director Peter Cunningham said in a press release. “Parents told us that they see standardized tests as a tool for the system. They want them to be used more as a tool to help their kids learn.”

Parents’ Education Priorities

  • 87 percent of parents said “giving teachers the respect, support, and resources they need to be effective” should be a “top” or “high” priority,
  • 84 percent put “removing ineffective teachers from the classroom” in those top two categories,
  • 79 percent had “requiring states and districts to take action in chronically low-performing schools,”
  • 76 percent said “creating higher standards and a more challenging curriculum,” and
  • 75 percent said “holding teachers and principals more accountable for student achievement.”

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Assessment and Accountability