Policy Brief Examines Do’s and Don’ts for U.S. Education Agenda

As the number of education reform initiatives continues to increase in the U.S., the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) asked three of its research fellows to examine current efforts and to provide their do’s and don’ts for improving education. Unsurprisingly, many of their recommendations focus on the execution of the reforms as much as the actual methods. Read the partial list from the policy brief below; access An Education Agenda for the States – Fostering Opportunity from Pre-K through College at the AEI website.

Early Childhood Education by Katharine B. Stevens

  • Do: Expand focus beyond pre-K.
  • Do: Design initiatives that test what works while serving children.
  • Don’t: Scale up programs too quickly.
  • Don’t: Require early education teachers to have bachelor’s degrees.

K-12 Education by Michael Q. McShane

  • Do: Calculate, and speak in terms of, return on investment.
  • Don’t: Make your track record hinge on increasing spending.
  • Do: Help school choice work.
  • Don’t: Judge all private school choice programs equally.

Higher Education by Andrew P. Kelly

  • Do: Increase transparency to empower consumers and taxpayers.
  • Do: Promote and credit stackable credentials.
  • Don’t: Just throw public money at the problem.
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