Poll Says Students Not Engaged in Their Education

As part of schools reform efforts, educators are looking to get students more involved in their own learning. Results from the 2015 Gallup Student Poll show, however, that while 50% of U.S. students feel engaged in school, 29% are not engaged, and 21% are actively not engaged. While the majority of students feel socially engaged and that they have at least one teacher supporting them, only 23% believe that they get to do what they do best at school every day.

Other key findings

  • Engagement in school decreases from junior high to high school with the lowest point occurring junior year.
  • Eighty-percent agree that they will graduate from high school. However, only 48% are hopeful for their overall future.
  • One in four students plan to start their own business, but only one in 10 believe they are learning the skills they need to do so.
  • Female students are less likely to agree that they are planning to start their own business.
  • Finally, the poll looked at student jobs and financial literacy to determine how ready they will be to participate in the economy. The poll found that students are not getting the instruction and experiences needed.

Read Gallup Student Poll Engaged Today — Ready for Tomorrow, Gallup (2016)

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