Predictions from and Criticism for Arne Duncan for the New Year

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan closed out 2014 with a series of predictions for 2015. His top four, published in Education Week, highlight the Administration’s education goals. As Education Weekpoint out, though, Duncan did not address other key issues like achievement gaps.

  1. More than 60,000 additional children will enroll in high-quality early learning.
  2. Six hundred new commitments by colleges, organizations, and companies will help thousands more students prepare for and graduate from college.
  3. Ten million more students will have high-speed Internet access.
  4. America’s high school graduation rate will set a record—again.

Read the Education Week article.

Duncan also took to Twitter with his thoughts on education.

His tweet started a lively conversation, including criticisms of current education policies like high-stakes testing, comments on educator pay and respect for the teaching profession, and remarks about equity in school funding.

Follow the thread on Twitter, or read select responses in The Washington Post and The Capital Times.

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